About Us


Yayorin (Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia) was established on July 4, 1991 in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan (Indonesia). Yayorin is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose main activities focus on research, education and conservation of orangutans, other wildlife, and its habitat in tropical rainforest.

Through its activities, Yayorin believes in empowerment of local communities who living around the forest and their ability to manage their own forests and natural resources within. In addition, Yayorin also tries to raise an awareness of orangutan conservation through environmental education such as visiting remote villages, local schools and government and another parties. We also develop educational programs that can bring real benefits to local residents.


Forest preservation to welfare the people for its present and future generations


To conserve the forests, Orangutan and other wildlife through research, education, conservation, and cooperate with local communities, especially those who depend upon the forests to retain their traditional lifestyles, but can find ways to thrive without having devastating impacts on forest ecosystems.


Thanks to the following partners who have supported our activities and we also receive support from individuals, small groups and global fund from all over the world.

www.orangutan.org.uk (OF-UK)

www.orang-utans-in-not.org (Orangutan in Not.e.V)

www.arcusfoundation.org (Arcus Foundation)

www.tfcakalimantan.org (TFCA Kalimantan)

www.icctf.or.id (Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund)

www.unep.org (UNEP)

www.fws.gov (US Fish & Wildlife Services)

www.rufford.org (Rufford Foundation)

www.thebodyshop.co.uk (Body Shop)

www.ellerman.org.uk (Jhon Ellerman Foundation)

www.rareconservation.org (RARE)

www.clintonfoundation.org (Clinton Climate Initiative Foundation)

https://www.kehati.or.id/ (Yayasan Kehati)

https://dishut.kalteng.go.id/ Dinas Kehutanan Provinsi Kaltenghttp://kph.menlhk.go.id/ KPHP Seruyan Hulu, KPHP Sukamara Lamandau, KPHP Kotawaringin Baru